Which product is right for me?

CBD with two ways to medicate

Choose from two ways to medicate: swallow a softgel capsule or use an oral spray. Pick an onset time: slower or faster. Decide on duration: longer or shorter.

GoldCaps™ Softgels

Taken orally, GoldCaps are safe, dependable and repeatable, unlike many edibles. Onset takes 45 minutes or so; beneficial effects last 6-12 hours. Same effect every time.

GoldCaps CBD 10mg
The dosage is 10mg CBD with no THC. Available in 60 capsules per bottle.


GoldMist™ Oral Spray

Micro-atomizer dispenses precise, repeatable dosages. 3.5ml vial with 80 sprays. Unlike edibles, GoldMist is absorbed via oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream. Onset within 15 minutes; lasts 1-2 hours.

GoldMist CBD
CBD with no THC. Vial contains 100mg CBD with 1.25mg CBD per spray. Oral spray is a quick, easy way to absorb CBD.


Edibles include our softgel capsules, gummies, mints, as well as tinctures that you take orally or add to other foods. When you ingest CBD, it takes longer to absorb than oral spray, but the duration of the effects is also longer. Absorption and duration vary from person to person and also whether taken with or without food, but typical times are 45 minutes to one hour to absorb and 6-12 hours duration. Ingesting edibles carries CBD throughout your body, unlike topicals that have a local effect.

Oral Spray

When properly used, GoldMist oral spray takes a completely different path to enter your body than edibles. Whereas softgels and other edibles are absorbed via your digestive system, oral spray is absorbed through the mucous membranes in your mouth and directly into your bloodstream. It is processed less and differently than edibles, so the onset is faster, but the duration is also shorter. The key to faster absorption is not to swallow the oral spray. Typical onset might be approximately 15 minutes and less than six hours duration. Oral spray atomizers deliver an accurate and repeatable dose.


If you seek local relief, consider a topical. Your body absorbs topicals at the site where they are applied, and little travels elsewhere. In general, your skin absorbs topical medicine slowly as it must travel through a significant amount of tissue before reaching the desired area. In cases where pain or inflammation are located relatively deep, such as hip pain, topicals may not be effective. If that proves true for you, try GoldCaps softgels instead.