About Us

TetraLabs 15-year history of innovation
  • In 2005, TetraLabs embarked on creating the industry’s first ultra-pure, crystal-clear, solvent-free cannabinoid concentrate we called PureGold™, and often called “The Clear” by others.
  • We obtained the industry’s first softgel machine and introduced the first cannabinoid softgel capsules known as GoldCaps™.
  • We created the first cannabinoid-based oral spray, called GoldMist™ that set the industry standard.
  • TetraLabs history greatly pre-dates the invention of the vape pen. We had to invent the first single-drop gelatin dabber so patients could vaporize PureGold the old way.
  • We were the first cannabinoid company to own and operate HPLC testing equipment so our in-house PhD chemists could carefully test every process step and every final batch.
  • We used our crystal-clear concentrate to make some of the very first vape pens.
  • In conjunction with a European company, we assisted in the refinement of pure CBD isolate, and brought the first CBD softgels to market.