CBD Oil for Pets

Our CBD Oil for Pets gives you dependable results every time. Just as good for your dogs as it is for you, use the same oil for you and your pet. Each bottle contains 1000mg broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract with no THC in a 30ml bottle. Use the convenient dropper with metered dose marks for just the right dosage.

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CBD Oil for Pets

Our CBD oil features extract from expertly grown hemp harvested at its peak, in a compact 1oz dropper bottle. Please refer to the chart below to determine dosage for your pet:

Weight of Dog Low Medium Strong
Dose Drops ml Dose Drops ml Dose Drops ml
10 pounds 1mg 2 0.0 3mg 5 0.1 5mg 8 0.2
20 pounds 2mg 3 0.1 6mg 10 0.2 10mg 17 0.3
30 pounds 3mg 5 0.1 8mg 13 0.2 15mg 25 0.5
40 pounds 4mg 7 0.1 10mg 17 0.3 20mg 34 0.6
50 pounds 5mg 8 0.2 12mg 20 0.4 25mg 42 0.8
60 pounds 6mg 10 0.2 14mg 24 0.4 30mg 51 0.9
70 pounds 7mg 12 0.2 16mg 27 0.5 35mg 59 1.1
80 pounds 8mg 13 0.2 18mg 30 0.5 40mg 67 1.2
90 pounds 9mg 15 0.3 20mg 34 0.6 45mg 76 1.3
100 pounds 10mg 17 0.3 24mg 40 0.7 50mg 84 1.5

Each drop is made with the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD extract that nature has to offer. In addition to CBD, the CO2-extracted broad-spectrum oil contains terpenes and minor non-psychoactive cannabinoids that many believe adds to the desirable effects of CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD extract contains no THC.

This product is third party lab tested, and GMP certified.


CBD Oil 1000mg contains broad-spectrum hemp extract, organic natural flavoring extract with MCT oil added to assure you receive 1,000mg in your bottle.

MCT oil is a natural oil derived from coconut and palm oil.

Broad-spectrum CBD extract is distilled such that it consists primarily of CBD. The remaining small percentage that is not CBD represents terpenes and very small amounts of hemp cannabinoids. Terpenes include Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene and others. Related cannabinoids may include CBD-a, CBG, etc., all of which are non-psychoactive.


Mix the appropriate amount from the chart with your dog’s food or on a dog treat.

Unfortunately, little clinical data is available for dog dosages for various conditions. Ask your veterinarian’s opinion first.

The following chart is intended only as a general guideline. Start with the lowest dose once or twice a day and increase dosage as necessary.

In small dosages, measurements by single drops is challenging. Precision is not important. Just get close enough.

The dropper has graduations for 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0ml. The bottle contains 30ml with 1,000mg of CBD. The 0.5ml mark delivers 16.6mg of CBD.


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